Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zume Life launched!

After more than three years of really hard work, we are finally launching our Zume Life service. (Don't believe anyone who says these things are done by a couple of guys in their garage over a couple of months in their spare time!)

Here is our press release:

Zume Life Launches Service to Ease Life for People with Chronic Illnesses

iPhone application + website for personal health management

Los Altos, CA - March 25, 2009 - Zume Life (www.zumelife.com) announced today the launch of its personal health management system, targeted at consumers with complex health regimens—those with multiple chronic conditions (diabetes, heart disease, depression, autoimmune diseases, cancer, obesity, etc.)—to help them manage their daily, ongoing self-care tasks by making it easy to remember, record and review those tasks.

Today, we face a global epidemic of chronic disease that can only be addressed by helping people take better care of themselves. Millions of Americans, and many more across the world, are living with chronic conditions that require dozens of health-related activities to be done every day—multiple drugs at different times, keeping track of different symptoms, and paying attention to what they eat and how often they exercise. They have to do this properly and consistently for the rest of their lives.

Not surprisingly, people find this nearly impossible to do. “Non-adherence” is a major problem, impacting not only the health and well-being of those individuals and their families, but also placing an enormous financial burden on society. “People would like to do better,” said Zume Life CEO Rajiv Mehta, “but they can’t just put aside the rest of their activities and responsibilities to focus only on their health. While they of course want better health, what they want most is freedom to live their lives rather than being trapped by the chores of self-care. Our system gives them that freedom, and paves the way to better health.”

The Zume Life system has two components:

  • The "Zuri" iPhone application that helps users remember to do various health-related activities and to record those activities
  • A website that helps users and their caregivers to review on-going health patterns and the interrelationships amongst different activities, and to respond quickly to changes in health.

Tailored to the needs of each individual, the system provides support for:

  • All medications (Rx, OTC, supplements, home remedies)
  • Common biometrics (weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, temperature, peak flow, etc)
  • Symptoms (anxiety, mood, pain, wheezing, etc.)
  • Food journal and basic metrics (calories, carbs, and points)
  • Exercise journal

“The medical community has noted for a long time that if we could get people to properly follow their therapeutic regimens, this would have a bigger impact than almost anything else we do,” said Zume Life Chief Operating Officer Priya Kamani MD. “We have spent a significant amount of time understanding the challenges that people living with chronic conditions have and in response have developed tools that help people be more successful in taking care of themselves.”

Since January 2008, a prototype Zume Life system has been used by 200 people, ranging in age from pre-teen to those in their 70s and with dozens of different chronic conditions. Users noted significant improvements in their motivation and confidence in taking care of their own health, ability to stick to their health regimens, and overall health and sense of well-being.

Consumers can sign up for the service at www.zumelife.com. After a one-month free trial, the service is priced at $35 per month or $300 per year, plus $4.99 for the Zuri iPhone application.

About Zume Life

Zume Life's vision is to empower and motivate individuals to become fully and effectively engaged in managing their own health. It is our experience that most people are genuinely interested in being in the best possible health and that a supportive, positive and motivating environment combined with convenient and effective tools can significantly improve self-care efforts. Additionally, we believe that healthcare professionals can more effectively assist their patients if they have a better picture of their patients’ day-to-day health and if their patients have the tools to better implement and adhere to the prescribed regimen.

Zume Life was founded in 2006, and is funded by private investors. For more information, please go to www.zumelife.com.

Media Contact:

Rajiv Mehta, Zume Life

(650) 823-3274


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